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BuyMeOnce.com is redefining the way we shop one product at a time – It’s time to throw away our throwaway culture and start loving things that last

BuyMeOnce.com is on a mission to change the way we shop forever. This pioneering new website curates the world’s best and longest lasting sustainable products available on the market. The range includes an array of heirloom quality products from kitchen utensils and appliances (including pans, toasters and food mixers), clothing, footwear and jewelry, as well as beauty products, toys, tools and much more.


The new Buy Me Once website launched in June 2017 and now offers over 1000 products across multiple sectors, that all have one thing in common: they are all things that you should only have to buy once. 

Here a just a few examples, some of which may even surprise you:

·      Fisher Space pen (with enough ink to last a lifetime)

·      Sloggi’s Evernew pants (come with a lifetime guarantee)

·      Solidteknics pans (Built to last for centuries) 

·      Darn Tough Socks  (the world’s most hard wearing socks with a lifetime guarantee)

·      Davek umbrellas (classically styled and backed up by an unconditional lifetime guarantee)

·      Sungod sunglasses (the most durable sunglasses on the market with a lifetime guarantee) 

·      Million mile light (a running light that needs no batteries) 

·      L’ecrevable  (a French washing machine manufacturer developing a 50-year guaranteed machine) 

·      Ankarsrum Assistent Food Mixer (Best in test and also has the longest warranty period of all food mixers on the market) 

One of the most exciting new finds is the Blume Lab lightbulb, which has a 70-year guarantee and will be available to purchase from Buymeonce.com later in the year. 

The new website also has simplified and integrated shopping experience and a plethora of expert tips and advice on how you can make things last. 


Since its launch in January 2016, BuyMeOnce.com has firmly established itself as the leading curated e-commerce website for long lasting and sustainable products. The mission of this groundbreaking startup is to be a consumer champion, helping customers to save time and money whilst fundamentally lowering their environmental footprint. All the products available are truly the best in show for durability and longevity, having rightfully earned their place following rigorous research and testing. 


Buymeonce.com also supports small independent businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs in the field by offering them brand development and marketing support. 

BuyMeOnce.com CEO and Founder Tara Button commented: “BuyMeOnce.com was born out of the belief that customers want products that are made to last. Our job here is to find them and bring them all together. We want to make buying things that are built to last easy so we use our technology to connect the makers and manufactures of these wonderful products with customers in the UK, US and around the world.” 


Founder and CEO, Tara Button, started BuyMeOnce.com as a side project blog in 2013, plugging away at it in the evenings after work. In January 2016 the BuyMeOnce.com  site launched and immediately went viral. 

The site garnered press attention from all over the world with features in the Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, Forbes, Time, Reuters and CNBC. 

BuyMeOnce also piqued the interest of serial Silicon Valley investor Ashton Kutcher, who declared his love for the idea behind the website on social media. 

After the site’s media success, Tara promptly quit her day job in advertising to fulfill her mission to help save the planet. 

In May 2016 Tara was approached by an American literary agent, which resulted in top London publishers in a bidding war for Tara’s book about the BuyMeOnce philosophy. The book, provisionally titled “A life less throwaway” will be released spring 2018 and will be published by HarperCollins.

Tara is currently in talks with Morphy Richards to discuss developing a kettle that lasts forever and has also been inspiring the advertising world with a series of talks about how advertising and marketing can be used for good.

In October 2016 Tara spoke at ReuseConnex in Boston, an environmental conference focusing on reuse and increasing product life as a way to solve the climate and waste crisis. 

Tara also plans take on the manufacturers by challenging them to build products that last longer than the current products on the market. In May 2017 Tara will launch a change.org petition that requires manufactures to certify how long their products actually last, reaffirming again her passion and total commitment to environment. 


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